Ding Dong

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Someone is knocking but it isn’t a pop song moment. Its a Jeohovah’s Witness. He smiles like a man who has the golden goose under his arm. He stands in the grey light and waves his pamphlets beckoning me to open the locked door. His pamphlets are of course the warning instructions for doomsday and […]

Poetry in a Pod

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    I had me some fun yesterday in the company of three poets: Bob Herz, Georgia Popoff, and Phil Memmer. Fun for poets is reading and discussing poetry and that’s just what we did. Yesirree. Moreover we did it in style as we recorded multiple podcasts at a deluxe recording studio. The facilities were […]


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One morning early, bending to trash, I saw a flash, a light not of this world. “Maybe my retina has detached,” I thought. The gold white iridescent microburst was passing strange but then it was gone and to date has never returned. Of course I went “all Woody Allen” and imagined I had a disease. […]


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