Mercy Mercy

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I think about Paul Eluard as the political season turns dark and darker. Resistance fighter, poet, surrealist, humanitarian—Eluard who never gave up on love. What kind of man do I want to be? I wish to be tender in the darkest times. Strong also. I pledge to stand in the godforsaken places and laugh. What [...]


Going Down to the Pereus

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In a few moments I will go to the campus of Syracuse University where I’m a professor and administrator. I pledge before I leave my home not to confuse the university with my life and lest you misunderstand me, I’m not speaking of freedom—either of thought or deed—for freedom of speech and inquiry are ineluctable [...]

Steve with Jacket over his head


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Poetry gets out of hand climbs the maple out back chatters like a man   who knows jokes or soon will freeze to death. “He’s my friend” I say—   but perhaps I’m a fool— poetry monkey is not   in any way (productive) gallops over branches without reason   but as my wife would [...]

Book Cover of "Only Bread, Only Light" by Steve Kuusisto

These Eager Business Aims…

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Last night I dreamt of my father who was sad in a squinty room of the subconscious. In life he was like the rest of us—by turns funny, somber, witty, and occasionally distant.  In America nowadays its requisite to blame your problems on your parents and Lord knows I might get away with this but [...]


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