Book Cover of "Only Bread, Only Light" by Steve Kuusisto

These Eager Business Aims…

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Last night I dreamt of my father who was sad in a squinty room of the subconscious. In life he was like the rest of us—by turns funny, somber, witty, and occasionally distant.  In America nowadays its requisite to blame your problems on your parents and Lord knows I might get away with this but [...]

Baseball, Research, Apple Pie, and Scholarship

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There are pleasures in life and then of course there are pleasures in life. The second pleasure comes from introducing university students to the art of archival research. Yesterday I accompanied Professor Rick Burton of Syracuse U’s Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics as he took a group of students in his honors class [...]

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A mallard was in my dream last night—but she wasn’t one of those birds of dream, she was a real bird, swimming on the lake of my unconscious. I knew it. And I knew it this morning, when, early I walked the dogs and the orphic crows spoke up, narrating their private red wind.  

Book Cover of "Only Bread, Only Light" by Steve Kuusisto

In Praise of the Half Finished Culture

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There are three thousand tiny American flags planted on a hill at Syracuse University and above them a sign says “Never Forget”.   I’m predisposed to not forgetting. I lost friends on 9/11.   Walking yesterday and finding the flags and sign I wondered what the display and admonition meant.   William Gass wrote: “culture [...]

Book Cover of "Only Bread, Only Light" by Steve Kuusisto

Morning Meditation

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Each day now I climb into the sheltering tree that lived outside my boyhood window. I am no longer cold and feel no shame when I’m in its branches. You can fault me for being a small “r” romantic and that’s ok. I was a small “r” romantic when I was five years old. I’m [...]


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