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A decent man’s god…

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Czeslaw Milosz: A decent man cannot believe that a good God wanted such a world.” Always the god outside the man. A failing of so many. Milosz god is extracorporeal and masculine. A gyne-corporeal god is on the inside. The god on the inside wants peace, drinking water, medicine, food, and shelter and in that [...]

Book Cover of "Planet of the Blind" by Steve Kuusisto

Disability and the Crickets

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When I was a boy I found an abandoned stove in the woods and I sat beside it to hear the crickets singing inside. That was my first opera. Those crickets sang of unearthly latitudes and I sat listening for hours. I must be honest—sometimes I’d cry beside them. I was just a little kid [...]

Steve with Jacket over his head

Table: An Essay on Disability

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  —Only this table is certain. Heavy. Of massive wood.   Czeslaw Milosz     Sighted or blind the table is inarguable and so we must think of it is a fact.   “Its time to set the fact,” says mother and children place smaller facts on its smooth surface.   E.M. Forster (who should [...]

Steve and Corky

On Dining in the Dark and Other Staged Disability Events

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It is hardly a surprise to those of us with disabilities when we hear of staged events inviting participatory empathy—moist occasions when the sighted pretend they’re blind and the bi-pedaled imagine themselves living with wheelchairs. There are other variants: men wearing high heels walking college campuses in support of abstract women has been a recent [...]

Steve with Jacket over his head

You Have to Practice

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I write with my wings and my heart hops in the grass. I can be any age I wish. Today I’m 100 years old. I met a monk in the sauna of a Finnish monastery— his sweat smelled like strawberries. This is who I am, you see. When I’m very old it will always be [...]


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