Steve with Jacket over his head

Table: An Essay on Disability

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  —Only this table is certain. Heavy. Of massive wood.   Czeslaw Milosz     Sighted or blind the table is inarguable and so we must think of it is a fact.   “Its time to set the fact,” says mother and children place smaller facts on its smooth surface.   E.M. Forster (who should [...]

Steve and Corky

On Dining in the Dark and Other Staged Disability Events

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It is hardly a surprise to those of us with disabilities when we hear of staged events inviting participatory empathy—moist occasions when the sighted pretend they’re blind and the bi-pedaled imagine themselves living with wheelchairs. There are other variants: men wearing high heels walking college campuses in support of abstract women has been a recent [...]

Steve with Jacket over his head

You Have to Practice

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I write with my wings and my heart hops in the grass. I can be any age I wish. Today I’m 100 years old. I met a monk in the sauna of a Finnish monastery— his sweat smelled like strawberries. This is who I am, you see. When I’m very old it will always be [...]

Steve with Jacket over his head

How They Make Us Old

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In 1959 when I was four and Nikita Kruschev was sixty five I heard a neighbor in Helsinki explain to my mother the Russians wanted to make everyone old. She was reacting to the Soviet navy’s war games in the Baltic. The comment stuck. I’ve spent my meagre years believing the purpose of colonialism is [...]

Book Cover of "Planet of the Blind" by Steve Kuusisto

Disability and the Life of the Moon

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Each day I wonder afresh how to keep my dignity. Blind, walking, the stares of generally everyone I meet are omnipresent. Every disabled person knows this story. Sometimes I can repress my feelings about the “display” and other times I feel weary and let my emotions arise. Yesterday I said hello to a new student [...]


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