Book Cover of "Planet of the Blind" by Steve Kuusisto

Voices Below Ground

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Each morning I pray to the Earth. Praise of course but also a blind poet’s sorrow: Purity was yours, I say, and look, we’ve ruined your lyric darkness.

Ode to Edith Sodergran

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I was with a cat last night, one of those dream animals and we were discussing apprehension, the three types—“first the body, recurrent dust,” I said to the cat. “We walk and meet other animate dust clouds, we know the world mostly as rain,” I said and the cat was unimpressed. “Then there’s comic irony, [...]

Steve Kuusisto & guide dog, Corky

Dog Walking 101

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If you walk for your health I hope you have a dog. Generally a cat won’t make it no matter what feline lovers might say. Let me admit my prejudice: I’m a guide dog man, blind, fast, and adventurous. No cat will do for me. Take truth serum my friends—would you trust your life to [...]

Steve with Jacket over his head

The Sunday Night Post-Modern Compulsory Blues

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For eight years on this blog I have tried to describe disability as a way of knowing. To that end I’ve been ardent, philosophical, poetic, and often nuanced, for the provenance of this idea owes a great deal to the late Enlightenment rather than the early, and accordingly degrees of doubt are the correspondent self-questioning [...]


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