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My College Essay

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As this is application season for American colleges and universities and as high school students are writing “essays” designed to win them favor at their school of choice and inasmuch as I’m a writer who teaches I think its only sporting to offer an essay of my own. Please notice my lack of excessive tenderness. […]

Kyoto Fedora

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  Like nothing else I’ll wear the Kyoto fedora because it arrives in the little shop by accident comes by truck to nestle among a hundred hats and now as I walk buddhist graves its good to have a hat another thing unnamed & I tip the thing…           

Thinking of I.F. Stone

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I was approximately 16 years old when I discovered I.F. Stone’s writing by way of his independent newspaper which lay askew on a table in the college library. Outside everything was going to hell as the Kent State shootings and the secret war on Cambodia had unleashed a wave of student dissatisfaction.     What […]

A Letter to the Chancellor of Syracuse University

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Dear Chancellor Syverud: Marcus Aurelius famously said: “Never esteem anything as of advantage to you that will make you break your word or lose your self-respect.” I’m mindful of this as we face together a critical moment at Syracuse University. Events are now unfolding in respect to the treatment by the administration of the students […]


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