A Dream of the Enlightenment

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Last night I dreamt about rational thought. I know my dream was about “sapere aude” since two small horses accompanied me into a book filled room; because I pushed my hand inside the sun and my companion (a dream companion, only half known) said: “You’re hand is in the sun and you’re not burning.” I […]

Steve Kuusisto & guide dog, Corky

Poetry, Who is My Neighbor?

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Rolfe Jacobson: The age of the great symphonies is over now. Today I’m feeling the loss of several poets—Kizer, Kinnell, Strand… One night, years ago, I ran as fast as I could with my guide dog, late for the opera,  and came hurtling toward the doors of Lincoln Center, and though they were already closed, […]


Gunderson’s Plough: An Essay on Poetry

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Poetry commences in circles like Gunderson’s plough—granite rocks and sometimes unmarked graves. No circle is what it seems when you’re close to the earth. Late September and crickets sing inside an abandoned stove. The opera, about electricity, life after life.


To My Future Biographer

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I love reading biographies. In an strange way, for me,  it doesn’t matter very much who the book is about. The thing I like is narrative fidelity to oddness. If history cleans things up, or at least attempts to, the biographer keeps things messy. I like knowing that whatever passed for the erotic in Charles […]

Steve with Jacket over his head

Goodbye Tiresias

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Sixteen years ago I wrote a memoir about growing up blind titled Planet of the Blind. The book continues to sell because it provides a rare glimpse into the complex and thrilling elements of beauty that the blind often perceive. Everyone realizes beauty but the idea that the blind are capable of being discerning esthetes […]


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