A Letter to the Chancellor of Syracuse University

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Dear Chancellor Syverud: Marcus Aurelius famously said: “Never esteem anything as of advantage to you that will make you break your word or lose your self-respect.” I’m mindful of this as we face together a critical moment at Syracuse University. Events are now unfolding in respect to the treatment by the administration of the students [...]

What’s Wrong with the Guide Dog Schools, Part Two

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  Photo of Stephen Kuusisto with his second guide dog “Vidal” a yellow Labrador retriever.      I wrote just days ago about the bad behavior—the execrable behavior of several guide dog school administrators and its been interesting to see (behind the curtain, as it were) responses from people who work in these programs and [...]

The King of Sweden Might Be Your Neighbor

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I once wrote a poem making fun of the King of Sweden. Of course because it was a poem, the king never really appeared—only ideas about the king materialized. Political fictions are often sentimental and doubly destructive because of it. For most of America’s history the President of the United States has been a cruel [...]


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